| January 7, 2014

Wonderplay Reflection
Huai-En Hung

I was very privileged to be able to attend this conference. At first, I did not expect a lot from the conference. However, as the first presenter, Dr. Joan Almon, delivered her message, I was totally amazed by her presentation. She talked about how important early childhood teachers are, and how much we can do for the children. She also talked about the common core standards, which we just discussed in one of our courses. It was very interesting to listen to different perspectives from someone else outside the classroom.
All the morning presentations and afternoon workshops were inspiring. I especially love the lecture presented by Dr. JoAnn Deak. She looked at the gender differences from a biological perspective, which I thought was very intriguing. I liked how she dug into the details of how brains function, and gave examples of how differently male brains and female brains work.
Overall, I learned a lot from this conference, and highly recommend everyone to attend the conference next year.