| December 3, 2013

Kim, Michelle

I had the honor of being a part of the 92YWonderplay Conference in 2013. One of the keynote lectures I really enjoyed listening to was Ms. Joan Almon: Dynamic Education in an Area of Rigorous Curriculum, Accountability, and Standards. What was so touching about her speech was how it is possible for a teacher to not only educate a child but also heal the child’s inner “problems” with a caring environment and a heart to do so.  A child easily expresses his or her inner feelings and emotions, but if a teacher is not willing to accept them, he or she can’t do anything to help the child but rather ruins the child completely. A few ways of healing a child while providing him with a quality education is by linking literature, storytelling, and puppetry in the classroom. It is through these related stories that children can bring out their inner voice. I realized that teachers should not be concerned about the big things they can’t do for their children, but rather the impact they can make with the smallest things. “You cannot take away evil, but soften it” is the quote that stuck with me. Whatever pain the child might be experiencing from home, he will bring those experiences into the classroom. The teacher cannot work miracles and take away the painful experiences, but she can definitely lessen it with her understanding by showing the “love.” Once the children sees how much the teacher cares, they will reveal to us what they need, which will allow us to help them even more.